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Revolutionizing Rebar:

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Since its inception in 2007, Bastal AS has evolved from local entrepreneurship to becoming a beacon of innovation in Førde, boasting Europe's most advanced rebar processing facility. Our collaboration celebrated this journey by introducing a fresh brand identity, logo, and digital presence that mirrors Bastal's commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and innovation.


Through our partnership, we crafted a suite of 3D product videos and photos that showcase Bastal's cutting-edge solutions, including their collaboration with Midland Steel and the introduction of the FasterFix system. Our promotional and informational videos highlight the significant advantages of Bastal's services, emphasizing time efficiency, environmental friendliness, and enhanced safety. With strategic digital marketing and impactful social media commercials, we've amplified Bastal's vision of flexible and sustainable production, positioning them as a leader in modern construction solutions. This brand rejuvenation not only reflects Bastal's innovative spirit but also their ongoing dedication to excellence in the construction industry.





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