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Brias-By Moment

BRIAS Unveils a Fresh Visual Brand Update.

In our initiative to elevate BRIAS, a distinguished force in metal fabrication, we revitalized their digital and visual identity to better reflect their expertise and innovative practices. The transformation included a refreshed logo and brand identity that truly embodies BRIAS's commitment to quality and precision in their craft. Launching a dynamic website, we provided a showcase for their extensive services and the advanced materials they master, from stainless steel to titanium.

Our efforts extended to producing compelling video and photo content, capturing the essence of BRIAS's meticulous workmanship. This content serves not only to illustrate the complex processes behind their projects but also to highlight their tailored solutions across various industries. By enhancing BRIAS's online presence, we've helped position them as a leader in their field, demonstrating their unparalleled ability to meet diverse and challenging metalwork needs with unwavering excellence.


Visual profile including logo


Print & Branding

Video production

Photo production

Social Media







Color & fonts



Avenir LT Std 45 Book


Brias Quote

Vi er veldig fornøyde med prosessen helt fra idémyldring til endelig resultat.

God oppfølging fra vår kontaktperson (Kine). Hun har vært en god sparringspartner når idéene strømmer på, og har alltid et godt innspill å komme med.

Vi har fått et «brand» vi føler representerer selskapet på en god måte, og som vi kan være stolte av.


Thomas Holbye

Project Manager / Partner

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