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Crafting a transparent digital experience.

Founded in 2006, CC Solution has established itself as a distinguished IT service provider on the West Coast of Norway, extending its expertise across southern Norway through offices in Oslo and Kristiansand. Our collaboration with CC Solution aimed to encapsulate their core philosophy of transparency, simplicity, and adaptability in their digital and visual presence.


By developing a new website, we've created a digital platform that clearly communicates CC Solution's commitment to transparent pricing and no binding periods, ensuring that customers feel secure and informed in their IT decisions. Through our visual profiling, video production, and photography, we've showcased the ease and efficiency of CC Solution's services, reinforcing their promise of providing straightforward IT solutions. Our targeted social media campaigns further emphasize their customer-centric approach, highlighting their unique analysis tool that offers clients a comprehensive overview of their IT status. This holistic brand refresh not only elevates CC Solution's online presence but also strengthens their reputation as a trusted, no-nonsense IT partner in the industry.


Website design 

Identity Branding

Visual profiling

2D animation

Video production

Photo production

Social Media

Design &


Amiga Garderoben

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