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Namtvedt's Innovative Journey into the Digital Age.

For Namtvedt Sealmaker Service, a pivotal force in leak repair solutions for the oil and gas industry, our engagement has been transformative. Tasked with modernizing a brand that has provided unparalleled service across Europe and beyond, we've delicately reimagined their identity while honoring a 60-year-old legacy.


The introduction of a refreshed logo, which pays homage to its origins, marked the beginning of a comprehensive rebranding journey. Our development of a new website and digital marketing strategy has positioned Namtvedt at the forefront of online engagement, extending their reach to a global audience. Through cutting-edge 3D commercials and informational videos, we've showcased the technical prowess and environmental commitment of Namtvedt's sealant solutions, capable of withstanding extreme conditions. This revitalization not only respects the past but also propels Namtvedt Sealmaker Service towards a future where their innovative solutions continue to set industry benchmarks worldwide.






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