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A Fresh Face in ISO: Vestland Korrosjon's Digital Emergence

Established in the fall of 2020, Vestland Korrosjon Service quickly became a beacon of excellence within the ISO industry, thanks to a team of seasoned professionals boasting over 80 years of collective experience. Our mission was to amplify this burgeoning legacy through strategic digital transformation. By introducing a new logo and visual branding, we've captured the essence of Vestland Korrosjon´s commitment to quality and professionalism.


The launch of their new website, coupled with a dynamic social media presence and targeted digital marketing strategies, has significantly enhanced their online visibility. Our video production efforts have vividly illustrated the company's expertise in insulation, scaffolding, and surface treatment, highlighting their role as a pivotal player in improving the reputation of ISO professions. Through these initiatives, we've not only showcased Vestland Korrosjon´s dedication to attracting top talent and boosting local expertise but also fostered a community that values professional growth and high-quality standards.

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VK er svært fornøyd med å få Moment på laget.

Moment har hjulpet VK til en ny og frisk eksponering på digitale medier.


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