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Standing out with SPZ Bil.

In our partnership with SPZ Bil, a leading automotive force on the Norwegian West Coast, we've redefined their digital presence to mirror their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer-centric services. Since 2003, SPZ Bil has thrived as a premier independent dealer, now taking a leap forward with our comprehensive digital makeover.  Our efforts in rebranding, website enhancement, and interactive sales tools have streamlined the customer journey, making automotive excellence more accessible than ever.

Engaging content creation, strategic digital marketing, and vivid product visuals have amplified SPZ Bil's online footprint, connecting them with a wider audience. By integrating live production and social media prowess, we've spotlighted SPZ Bil's diverse offerings from new and used cars to bespoke services, setting a new standard in automotive retailing. Together, we're driving towards a future where every customer journey with SPZ Bil is as seamless and satisfying as the open road.


Brand & Identity

Website & Digital platforms

Interactive sales screens

Content Creation

Digital marketing

Live production

Product Photo

Product Video

Commercial SoMe


"Vi i SPZ bil har vært veldig fornøyd med Moment som en kreativ partner. Moment har levert blant annet video, foto, merkevare design, nettside og digital markedsføring for oss.

De er alltid serviceinnstilt og på ballen når det kommer til nye ideer."



Robert Kjerrgård

Daglig Leder/ Eier

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